Case Study - Life Science, Germany

Supplying Regulatory Affairs Specialists

We broadened our original hiring scope from one position to 3, due to our exceptional delivery

Our client is a medical device manufacturer, developing cardiovascular products for minimally invasive procedures. They have operations in Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland and the USA.

The specialised nature of their work means that they struggle to secure talent with the right experience and background. In addition, the client is bound by numerous industry regulations across their varying geographies which means that they must undertake highly comprehensive audits on their agency partners before they can begin to do business with them, which poses a further barrier to the recruitment process through resulting in a much lengthier process.

Once it was determined that NES was a suitable provider, the Hiring Manager released the brief for a single contract position to be placed within the Regulatory Affairs team.

Our Solution

NES Fircroft's status in compliance and our financial strength were both instrumental in securing this client. The client’s quality audit takes into consideration their prospective partner’s financial position, their capacity to handle liability, industry references, ISO accreditations and more.

  • Being ISO certified ensures that we maintain consistency in our internal processes and enables us to deliver a high level of satisfaction to both candidates and clients.
  • Staffing Industry Analysts has listed NESF as one of the biggest staffing firms in the globe based on our annual revenue, with a further Life Science specific USA accreditation. Our industry recognition from such prestigious accolades meant that the client was confident
  • that NES would both deliver staffing solutions and meet all legislative obligations.
  • We appointed a specialist Regulatory Affairs Recruitment Consultant in order to fulfil the scope who delivered a prospective candidate list within just 3 days from receiving the brief.
  • Our recruitment team is backed by Commercial, Legal and Assignment Support professionals who diligently undertake all required paperwork in the onboarding process to ensure that personnel are onboarded seamlessly and compliantly to the project site.
The results of our support

The collaborative effort of our recruitment specialist and sales team enabled the process to flow smoothly and efficiently.

Our internal reputation with the client’s Hiring Managers has gone from strength to strength; through positive internal feedback the initial scope has expanded considerably and we have now placed 3 contractors across the client’s Regulatory Affairs department, which consists of 2 teams across 2 different business units, supervised by 3 different managers.

Our exceptional candidate delivery and 100% fill rate means that the client is now considering signing NES Fircroft as their Regulatory Affairs recruitment partner on an exclusive basis.

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