Case Study - Chemicals

Global Chemicals Expertise

Our client is a privately owned speciality chemicals company with decades of experience. They have a very unique set-up and global outreach

Following the appointment of a new CEO, the client faced ambitious growth targets and sought to drastically increase their headcount whilst restructuring the business to complement their new strategy. Previously, the company had growth organically. Now, they sought to set-up their infrastructure to enable flexibility and scale as part of their large transformation journey.

The Client's Hiring Challenges

The journey is a 5-year investment plan where significant sums of money are being invested into all areas of the business to upgrade their sites and systems up to a world-class level, improve their HR process, and secure their supply-chain, making sure they have the right layers of people within the business to sustain their growth and increase market reach.

Candidate Search

Accessing Niche Talent

The transformation journey was centred around building a senior management team. The client was struggling to find people with the right level of expertise. Whilst they have a large HR team, they do not have the capacity to dedicate a large amount of time to their talent acquisition needs.


Unreliable Suppliers

When we first began working with the client they already had an agency working their Search hires, but the agency was routinely failing to deliver on the brief and many positions had been left open for months without success.

Flexible Hiring

Building the Right Infrastructure

With such a significant operational shift, the client was unsure how to determine who they needed in place, and where. They needed guidance from a supplier well versed with the fluctuating market conditions, with experience in supporting the growth of large multi-national corporations.

Our Recruitment Solution

After their existing agency failed to deliver, NES Fircroft was initially engaged to source just 2 group-level leadership positions in the UK - one operational, one commercial.

After quickly delivering on the initial hiring scope, the client appointed NES Fircroft as their official Executive Search partner for all technical or leadership roles, from mid-level engineers up to Board level. Our hires were so successful in their new ventures that the hiring scope grew drastically – we over exceeded with every role and have placed over half of the client’s
leadership team since our initial engagement. Leveraging the passive market and maintaining client integrity, whilst effectively being able to convey the breadth of opportunities to prospective hires has been key to our success.

We are very consultative in our approach and have close relationships with the HR talent acquisition and hiring managers – we understand the nuances of the client’s business and the culture fit so well that we have a 100% success rate in getting short-listed candidates an interview.

  • Many of the positions we have filled have never existed before and we therefore actively tailor what the client is looking for in the market to ensure they get the best possible outcome for their growth.
  • We provide regular market commentary including advising where to launch recruitment campaigns
  • We enable them to benchmark their roles by providing rate advice and salary guidance
  • Through our experience we have helped the client to form attractive retention packages for senior hires
  • Our understanding of the client’s needs is so comprehensive that we conduct all first stage interviews without client involvement

We appointed a dedicated Account Manager from the beginning who has been the focal point of every hiring drive and where required, leveraged our wider global team which spans 45 countries.

We have developed a strong understanding of our client’s culture to ascertain what good truly looks like during the candidate qualification process. Our support is not adhoc; we only provide candidates that share their vision and align with their value proposition to ensure the company upholds their market-leading position.

Through weekly update calls we ensure that all stakeholders are kept in the loop. As they are at a senior level, some roles are highly confidential and the client has confidence
that we will operate with discretion.

The combination of our global infrastructure and local talent pools means we understand the available candidate pools on a granular level.

Our curated short-lists have been so impressive that on multiple occasions the client has created extra vacancies in order to secure the talent we have head-hunted.

Our support has demonstrated immense business value. After 18 months of using us the client realised just how much money they had saved through our Search service and have therefore since acquired an internal talent acquisition professional. However, this person only focuses on their junior level roles; the client still needs NESF for our market expertise when it comes to securing their more senior positions.

They do have a second tier supplier but have cemented our status as their preferred supplier, commenting that our sector knowledge is second to none.

The Result of Our Expertise

  • We have a 100% fill rate
  • We made 40+ specialist placements within 18 months
  • There has been a 100% retention level during this time

We have developed a true partnership with our client where we now operate as an extension to their business. 

Becoming key decision makers: We have been instrumental in their strategy, our new hires are now growing their own teams and are using us for their hiring drives

Global scope: We have placed people across 4 continents including UK (headquarters), Spain, Netherlands, France, UAE, South Africa, India, and North America

Average hire time is very quick for the industry:

  • We have provided shortlists as quickly as within 1-week
  • Majority of hires are delivered within 4 weeks
  • The maximum hire time was only 12 weeks - close to industry average - with a role that was previously open for 4 months before the client sought our support
Working with the NES Fircroft team has been excellent from the first call to the final confirmation that our candidate of choice had accepted our offer. The team were there to screen, advise and help close negotiations in a fair and timely manner. Having experienced their recruitment process first-hand as a candidate, to having now recruited multiple new roles into our growing global operations team through NESF, I can say they have been a key part of our team and have supported and challenged us along the way to deliver the right people for our team.
Global Operations Director
We are the client's only supplier for Search activity

Types of roles supplied include:

  • Account Representative
  • Asset Manager
  • Assistant Product Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Continuous Improvement Manager
  • EC&I Manager
  • EMEA Regional Sales Manager
  • Group Industrial Project Engineer
  • Group SHE and Sustainability Manager
  • Group Operations Director
  • Group Process Safety Manager
  • Group Procurement Manager
  • Group Supply Chain Manager
  • Group Technical Manager
  • HR Generalist / Officer / Advisor
  • Northern Europe Sales Manager
  • Process Project Engineer / Project Site Engineer
  • Production Manager
  • Regional HR Manager for Central & Eastern Europe
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Sales Manager / Development Manager (Europe, USA)
  • Site HSE Manager
  • Site Director / Manager
  • Site Mechanical Engineer

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