Case Study - Life Science

Sourcing High-Level Scientific Talent

We helped to successfully fill multiple high-level scientific roles that the client had been unable to fill for over 6 months. 

  • Principal Software Engineering: embedded software, C++, C+, C#, C- within medical devices and experience in visual systems and electronic hardware
  • Mechanical Design Engineering: solid edge, solid works, plastic moulding and visual systems within medical devices, and knowledge of electronics

The challenges of sourcing the right talent:

Level of expertise - the stringent requirements relating to candidate skillset and experience were set at a necessary but very high level, considerably narrowing the applicable talent pool

Placement type - the roles were required on a permanent basis rather than contract, resulting in salary restrictions

Challenging work location - the positions were located in an area at considerable distance from major science parks, therefore posing a potential barrier in attracting eligible candidates

Following our reputation as an experienced Life Science staffing provider, the client asked NES Fircroft to dedicate our expertise to filling the positions.

Our Solution

Our team put forward two experienced recruitment specialists; one with experience in engineering medical devices and the other within software engineering for medical devices. Our specialist consultants met with the client to discuss the job brief and also met with the engineering teams to gain a better understanding of the overall team dynamic.

After ascertaining the scope, our consultants began an extensive sourcing strategy which involved:

  • mapping projects and clients who recruit in the same disciplines and seeking referrals via networking;
  • searching our broad external and internal databases to identify candidates with the niche experience our client required;
  • extensive online advertising to reach a wide audience via our established LinkedIn presence, our commercial website and multiple job boards.
The results of our support

Through assigning field experts who could focus their undivided attention and vast industry insight on the task, over 50 suitable candidates were identified.

  • Through leveraging our innovative candidate-sourcing strategies and streamlined recruitment process, six candidates were selected and put forward for interviews with the client.
  • The quality of the candidates was so high that within three weeks of receiving the vacancies, two candidates were offered a role who subsequently accepted, with the third candidate appointed shortly after.
  • As a result of our unrivalled industry-knowledge and network connections our relationship with the client has progressed from NESF being unknown to the client, to now being listed on the client’s preferred supplier list as the first choice for further specialist vacancies.

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