Case Study - Alternative Energy

Sourcing Volume Hydrogen Hires in Europe

Based in Denmark, our client is committed to helping businesses decarbonise their operations and reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. They manufacture electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen based on renewable energy sources.

The client is experiencing rapid expansion and has volume staffing requirements. They needed our support to supply staff that complemented their infrastructure changes. As companies in Europe strive to achieve net-zero and lower their carbon footprint, Hydrogen is a competitive market which remains fairly new to the energy scene, meaning appropriate skillsets are few and far between.

Prior to enlisting the support of NES Fircroft, the client had worked with other agencies who were failing to deliver the high calibre of technical profiles needed for their scope of work.

We were known to the client from our work with competitors and our capabilities in the Danish market. As part of the next stage of their investment cycle, the client’s internal HR have been having challenges between managing the infrastructure changes needed for a growing business and hiring for the previous 6 months.

NES Fircroft has a network of offices across Europe. With over 50 years of experience in energy markets across the continent, we have developed an enormous international candidate network, and harnessed candidate loyalty through a brand which has evolved alongside the diversifying energy sector.

Our Solution

Where appropriate we have advised our client in a consultative capacity regarding how to improve their internal processes to ensure that they secure talent in a timely manner in such a competitive market.

We appointed several specialists from our Manchester office to orchestrate the retained search activity, which included:

  • Mining our existing talent database to access both passive and active personnel with transferrable skills
  • Leveraging our broad online reach through LinkedIn and specialist job boards
  • Over 130 candidate interviews, with an extensive qualification process that resulted in just 13 specialists making it through to a second interview stage
  • Comprehensive candidate profiling on a technical and soft skills basis to ensure that those we put forward had the passion and drive to support the client’s growing business

Our demonstrable processes coupled with the fast pace of our search has meant that we have been able to provide numbers of high-quality candidates faster than they have been able to proceed from an administration and financial perspective. Despite this, many of the prospective candidates are passive and through regular communication from our recruitment teams we have been able to keep candidates warm until the client is in a position to hire.

The results of our support

Our client has stated they have never before received such a high level of quality in prospective candidates. As a result of our search efforts and the talent supplied, we are now on the client’s exclusive supplier for technical positions.

We have placed the following specialists with the client:

  • PLC Programmer
  • Sourcing Engineers
  • Thermal Development Engineer
  • Technical Sales Specialist
  • Test Engineers

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