Case Study - Downstream

Staffing the LHC2 project - The Netherlands

We were the preferred workforce supplier on a major petrochemical complex in Terneuzen

The project was a complex maintenance shutdown involving several external companies and required NESF to provide a wide variety of specialist personnel ranging from high level Nitrogen Leak Testers and Operators to Shift Supervisors, Admins and Mechanical Maintenance Technicians.

Our Recruitment Solution

Using our local talent pools, our discipline-specific consultants were able to source and locate a viable workforce in a short space of time, ensuring the project had the right skills on-hand to continue without disruption.

Staff safety was of paramount concern to our client and to ensure that they achieved a sustainable working environment, we put all new hires through comprehensive industry safety and site-specific training courses.

  • Our streamlined hiring processes and reduced time-to-hire ratios generated a full talent pool of 30+ Nitrogen Leak Testers and Shift Supervisors working in a rotation scheme during the decommission and recommissioning phases.
  • For individuals with prior MIST training we provided and arranged VCA training on location to ensure all personnel were safety-compliant in-country
Downstream Recruitment

This client is a global partner of NES and we provide extensive staffing support to them on several other Downstream and Midstream projects throughout Europe – including France, Spain, Belgium and Germany

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