Case Study - Offshore Oil & Gas

MSP Recruitment Support - Norway

Our client is a global engineering company with over 15,000 employees

Our client was participating in a bid for modification work on a production jack-up rig which operated in the Norwegian Continental Shelf. If awarded, they needed 100 new contractors to be sourced in August, ready for work in September.

This presented an enormous time challenge; late June to August is the main holiday period in Norway, meaning a large percentage of the talent pool would be taking their annual leave during the very time that the client needed to source candidates. Our client decided to engage with NES Advantage Solutions to provide 300 pre-qualified and available candidates by August, for the predicted award date, with a view to select 100 for mobilisation in September.

Our recruitment solution

With four offices across Norway, the client had confidence that we would demonstrate significant local knowledge in order to orchestrate the recruitment drive

The plan included:

  • defined job descriptions - clear definitions between the responsibilities of the hiring managers and recruiters (including which disciplines individuals would focus on)
  • a streamlined recruitment process to increase speed in decision making
  • regular meetings for discussion and progress updates, including timely follow-ups and reporting

This was done with just two weeks’ notice and attracted over 400 potential contractors with relevant job experience across all categories of competencies needed on the project.

On all relevant job-boards in Norway and Sweden: this was supported by a targeted LinkedIn campaign to attract candidates from further afield who would be willing to travel

Attended a Norwegian online job fair targeted at engineers: here we presented job opportunities and qualified candidates from all locations in Norway on the same day

The team contained representatives from both the client and NESF for weekly follow-ups and progress reports: our detailed project updates used data from our CRM system to enable live tracking of progress.

The Result of Our Expertise

We successfully met the deadline in August and provided 400 names of pre-qualified contractors. However, the award date was moved from August to December. This was not a problem; we kept the candidates engaged by providing them with clear communication on project updates.

Some candidates were given contracts in advance; the perceived ground-breaking status of the project meant many were happy to wait and take the opportunity in December. This meant by the time the project was awarded, we had already tackled the administrative side of onboarding and the candidates were therefore mobilised efficiently.

As a result of close cooperation, efficient project management, adjusting quickly to change, clear role sort and high quality recruitment, we were able to support our customer with the extra capacity needed to successfully deliver one of their largest projects.

We secured and onboarded 150 new contractors to this project within the first 6 months

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