Case Study - Carbon Capture Utilisation & Storage

Supporting exponential growth across Europe

Our client is one of the top companies operating within the Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage (CCUS) field

They were in the process of a major expansion of their operations in Europe. Their extensive portfolio of partnerships and projects, as well as the growing demand for CCUS technology, meant they urgently and drastically needed to scale-up their business across all departments.

They were working under very tight deadlines; delays to their hiring plans would lead to major project setbacks and the failure to meet objectives.

  • As the CCUS market is still in its infancy, a huge challenge for the client was finding a volume number of candidates with direct experience in the field and a clear understanding of the CCUS value chain. The short supply of such candidates had resulted in very competitive market conditions.
  • Based in Norway, a lot of the candidate market is heavily geared toward offshore Oil and Gas, meaning they were working with a limited local talent pool and that the search for candidates would need to take place on an international level.
  • Norway is an expensive country to live in - the prospect of relocation was not attractive to all qualified personnel, further limiting the client’s eligible talent pool.

Our recruitment solution

NES Fircroft already had a well-established relationship with another branch of the client’s company, in addition to extensive experience working with similar clients in the CCUS field. As a result, NES Fircroft was tasked as the client’s sole supplier to fill approximately 40 roles within 3 just months.

This recruitment drive spanned the client’s entire business creating a very broad need covering their Engineering, Projects, Sales & Commercial to Operations, Technology and HSE & Safety teams

  • Each recruiter was tasked with taking ownership of all new hires within a specific department. 
  • Our sector experts worked closely with the client’s hiring managers to agree on timescales and key milestones, following which we launched a permanent recruitment campaign, involving concentrated headhunting techniques to tap into the passive market.
  • Our team took time to build relationships with the respective hiring managers and remain in constant communication with them.

Our dedicated search efforts were complemented by a deeply targeted marketing campaign across social media, reaching only the most technically qualified of candidates.

We created candidate shortlists for each position and conducted in-depth screening interviews using video interviewing software, to ensure that we only submitted the best and most committed candidates, thus saving the client a lot of time.

Working in tandem with our client and the NES Fircroft team in Norway, we offered practical support to international candidates, advising on local market conditions and making their relocation as seamless as possible.

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