Case Study - Poland

Sourcing Automation Engineering Specialists

Our client manufactures a variety of consumable products such as food and mineral water, with a particular focus on public health and nutrition rich produce, delivered through their healthcare branch

Our client was planning to make a large investment in a new production plant in Wrocław, Poland. Their new scope of work required a team of Automation Engineers with comprehensive written and verbal English language skills and flexibility to work in a specific system. In addition, candidates also needed experience within a set type of programming.

The client’s expectation in regards to the candidates’ technical knowledge was so high that they specified any prospective candidate must successfully pass a written test to demonstrate their technological competency, before they would be considered for interview. In addition, the client was offering the permanent roles on a shift rotation basis – 4 days on, 3 days off.

Traditionally this working pattern is not associated with the more experienced level of Automation Engineers that this scope required, posing a challenge to candidate attraction.

Our client needed the support of an in-country recruitment partner with a strong candidate pool and persuasive negotiation skills.

Our Recruitment Solution

Our Life Science Team Lead has worked in the Polish Life Science industry for 15 years during which time they have curated meaningful professional relationships that stand the test of time. Our client’s HR specialist had worked with our consultant over 10 years ago and due to the consultant’s professionalism and demonstrable Engineering expertise at this stage, we were granted exclusivity on the role for 4 weeks.

Our local candidate network encompasses the entirety of Poland meaning that we were able to orchestrate a search on a national level and target people willing to relocate.

  • Due to the complex candidate background that was required, in addition to advertising the positions on local job boards, our Warsaw based Life Science team undertook a confidential head-hunting approach to access the passive candidate market.
  • During the qualification process our consultants ensured that they were open and honest about the reality of working in the client’s plant, explaining the nature of the test and assuring that promotions would be available in future for hard-working and well performing personnel. The permanent tenure of the role meant that securing a candidate with the right personality was crucial to the project’s success.
  • Our comprehensive qualification process and competency-based questions ensured that we only put forward candidates which were open minded, demonstrated exceptional communication skills and evidenced that they were good team players
The results of our support

We successfully secured and onboarded 3 automation engineers to our client’s Wrocław facility within just 4 months from receiving the brief – an exceptionally quick timeframe for this discipline.

  • Our expertise and speed of action led to us making further placements in another of the client’s Polish facilities, and ultimately led to securing NES Fircroft’s position on the client’s PSL.
  • Following this, our team approached all 5 plants in Poland and secured an exceptionally challenging hire - Automation Team Lead. 

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