Case Study - Oil & Gas

Abu Dhabi - Contractor Transfer and New Hires

Our client, a huge oilfield services company, was using a global consultancy provider for payroll services and visa management for their engineering workforce.

The Client's Hiring Challenges

Based in Abu Dhabi, our client needed to significantly increase their workforce on their coil tubing and fracking project in a short period of time.

  • The urgency of the matter meant they needed to implement a solution which went beyond just visas and payroll; they needed to transfer contractors to an agency that could provide an efficient solution for compliance and risk management in all aspects whilst onboarding personnel.
  • They had just 4 weeks to mobilise 30 individuals, including 10 transfers and 20 new hires; following extensive experience in the region and from previously working with the client on a global scale.

Our Recruitment Solution

Our dedicated account management team met with several of the client’s senior stakeholders in order to formulate a detailed programme which would meet the 4 week mobilisation deadline. 

  • We established good rapport and brand reputation with both the client and their contractor base.
    We were able to successfully leverage this network in order to locate a portion of the required talent through referrals.
  • Our established assignment support infrastructure in the UAE
    meant that we could offer the client a comprehensive contractor
    management solution including:

    Visa provision, payroll, practical support, medical insurance & on site logistics.


The Results of our Support

Our seamless processes saved an enormous amount of time for the client and greatly sped up the onboarding process to enable us to meet the critical deadline.

We secured all 10 transfers from the previous tier 1 global supplier, in addition to 20 new hires, compliantly, on-time and on-budget. NES’s footprint with the client in this region increased by 80%, and we’re now the preferred supplier for the services provided.

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