Mobilising international talent

Rapid Contractor Engagement

Sourcing a large volume of international contractors in a short timeframe

The Client's Hiring Challenge

Based in UAE, our client had an urgent need to source and mobilise 50-80 personnel across 8 skilled disciplines within a one month timeframe to meet the start of their drilling project deadline.

  • The candidate search needed to be undertaken on an international level and there was just 3 weeks to prescreen CVs, and only 1 week to carry out interviews.
  • We identified Indonesia as having a large concentration of drilling specialists, appointing one of our experienced senior managers and recruitment consultants to travel to Jakarta with the client to host a recruitment fair.

Our Recruitment Solution

We worked alongside our client’s key hiring managers to formulate in-depth job briefs.

Using our international network reach and established global talent pool we were able to source over 300+ suitable CVs and preceded to refine a shortlist from this.

  • Our assignment support team took care of all contractor logistics including arranging hotels and flights and securing deals with 3 different hospitals to conduct the required medical check-ups on the same day as their successful appointment.
  • The extensive support provided by our team enabled a rapid recruitment process; with our support, our client could concentrate on the business at hand.


The Results of our Support

NES held 170 face to face interviews in Jakarta across 3 days and from this, 65 offers were made (38% success rate). The client was pleased with the quality of CVs and the overall pace of delivery.

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