Emergency medical support - Oman

Emergency medical support - Oman

One of our contractors suffered a suspected heart attack in Oman. After experiencing severe chest pains the contractor instructed a colleague to ring for an ambulance.

Once the contractor's colleague was aware of the situation, they immediately informed the NES representative.

  • Our Oman Operations Manager attended Muscat Private Hospital with the contractor and immediately informed our GMAT emergency support team to initiate the insurance proceedings which would ensure that the treatment was paid for.
  • Our Operations Manager also informed the contractor’s wife and remained in-touch with her throughout the incident.
  • A mild heart attack was quickly confirmed and within 24 hours doctors established that he would need open heart surgery, meaning he was later moved to the specialist cardiovascular unit at The Royal Oman Hospital.
Our Support

It was established that a more specialist team would be required to perform the operation, therefore NES arranged for the contractor to be repatriated via air ambulance to their home town of Liverpool in the UK.

  • The emergency operation took place within just 13 days of the original incident.
  • Whilst the contractor was still in Oman, our team made daily visits to the hospital.
  • Throughout the ordeal we became the key liaison between the contractor, the medical team, our insurers and the contractor's family.
The results of our support

We’re pleased to say that he is now fully recovered and after a period of recuperation at home with his family soon returned to his assignment.

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