Qatar - Talent pooling

Qatar - Talent pooling

Our client, a global LNG energy operator had an urgent need to source personnel for 17 permanent roles across their Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation departments.

Having previously worked with the client, NES Fircroft’s demonstrable market expertise and global reach has supported many of their business endeavours, and they requested our assistance to choose a suitable location for the recruitment campaign.

We were required to conduct in-depth market research across multiple countries to identify which offered the strongest talent pool of suitable candidates.

As the roles on offer were permanent, we worked closely with the client to map out their preferred candidate profile, both in terms of skillset and cultural fit to ensure that the talent pool selected would generate sustainable placements to keep site operations running smoothly.

Our Solution

Following several weeks of research it was agreed that the ideal location for this campaign was Abu Dhabi; there had recently been a number of redundancies from several national and international energy companies, meaning there was a large, live, experienced talent pool with suitable technical expertise actively seeking a new role.

  • We facilitated effective candidate screening
    We organised a 2-day recruitment fair at a local hotel where prospective candidates were invited to meet NESF and client representatives.
  • We advertised the roles on offer through local media and also utilised our broad LinkedIn network to raise the profile of the recruitment drive.
    We then pre-screened suitable candidates prior to submitting their CVs to the client for review. To ensure that only a suitable calibre of candidates attended, the client evaluated all profiles and confirmed which candidates they wanted to invite to the event.
The Results of our Support

Our in-depth market analysis led NESF to being awarded the title of exclusive supplier for the campaign.

In total, we provided 67 shortlisted candidates to the client for review, of which 42 were requested to attend the event. Following the event, the client was so impressed with the high quality of talent that they increased their initial 17 roles on offer to 26, to secure the personnel we had sourced.

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