Case Study - Power

Achieving Saudization Targets

Our client is a technology provider for the Transmission & Distribution networks in Saudi Arabia. They operate multiple integration facilities that monitor the activity on the grid; maximising efficiencies in the power supply.

The client had 20+ expatriate contractors on their IQAMA sponsorship and had the challenge of increasing their IKTVA and Saudization %. 

Having a higher percentage would put our client in a beneficial position which could lead to more contracts being awarded and further allocation of IQAMAs for future projects.

In order to increase their target, the client wanted to transfer sponsorship of their personnel to a 3rd party supplier.

Our Solution

NES proposed our contractor consolidation solution where the client would transfer IQAMA sponsorship of their nominated contractors to NES’s local Saudi Arabia entity.

  • We smoothly transferred contractors within a 3-6 month period.
    They were successfully transitioned without any delays in the project operations.
  • Through our fully compliant sponsorship, NES supported with local payroll, provision of medical insurance, GOSI requirements and mobilisation / demobilisation logistics.


The results of our support

Our client was pleased they were able to retain all personnel working on the project as the IQAMA sponsorship transfer went smoothly, preventing delays to operation.  

They were able to achieve their increased IKTVA spend to reach their Saudization goals.

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