Case Study

Helping our clients with their IKTVA score

To demonstrate their commitment to Saudi’s 2030 efforts, our client needed to improve their In-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) score

The client identified areas of the business, such as their rig crews, which could be staffed by local Saudi Nationals instead of their traditional methods of utilising expatriate personnel to fill these roles.


This was different to a Saudisation recruitment drive, and in addition to proving they could  leverage the local talent pool, there was an additional complication in that the client did not want to take additional direct hire in their headcount.

Through our own Saudi Arabian entity, we have an IKTVA score of 40%; we proposed that we would not only assist in the identification and hiring of the personnel, but that we would also contract the personnel through our payroll, which in turn would allow our client to increase their IKTVA score by benefitting from our own.

Our Solution

Experienced recruiters from our office in Dammam arranged and conducted an In-Kingdom recruitment campaign, with a workshop attended by over 2,000 local candidates; 300 were interviewed and 130 were initially offered roles spanning Wellsite Helpers, Wellsite Operators and Wellsite Supervisors.

  • Our recruitment teams are backed by an award-winning assignment support team
    NES carried out all compliance and on boarding requirements for the personnel, including all background checks, medical checks and contract signings. 
  • Face to face inductions were conducted
    Inductions were held at the NES KSA office to give the candidates a chance to discuss their assignment in real-time


The Results of our Support

85 personnel accepted employment offers and were mobilised to site. By outsourcing the assignment for the personnel, our client has been able to realise direct hire cost savings that have enabled them to focus funds in other business areas.

By contracting the Saudi nationals, NES was also able to drive its IKTVA score up. As a key in-Kingdom supplier to our client, our high IKTVA score positively affects our client’s own score, enabling them to take the place as an IKTVA leader amongst their client’s supplier base.

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