Case Study - Downstream

Transitioning a Contingent Workforce

Our client needed support during a period of workforce transition which resulted in 30 new contingent workers on their site.

When consolidating their workforce suppliers, our client sought to mitigate prospective co-employment risks during this potentially turbulent time, while ensuring stringent compliance for each contingent worker throughout the process.

Our Solution

Key members of the NES team met with several of the client’s stakeholders after the contract award in order to formulate a detailed contingent staffing program. This included designing a customized recruitment solution tailored to their needs and a compliant transition plan which was broken down into incremental stages to ensure adherence to all applicable legislation throughout the project.

  • Due to the complexity and size of the project, we appointed two dedicated members of staff, an account manager and a project coordinator, to be based at the client’s site to facilitate workforce optimization through ensuring effective staff planning and recruitment with real time feedback mechanisms. We also implemented a safety program to ensure a high standard of health and safety across the site.
  • To overcome prospective co-employment risks during transition, we upheld the highest level of mitigation by meeting with small groups of the contingent workers over the course of a week for a Q&A session, ensuring they were fully informed about operational developments and the scope of the transition, followed by meeting with each individual on a one to one basis. The client stipulated that they wanted a partner who could demonstrate integrity and therefore we acted in a consultative capacity to support the best interests of each worker, encouraging individuals to apply for positions with NES at the site, rather than dictating their transition.
  • As part of our value added service, we provided market rate benchmarks which ensured that the rates advertised were competitive, which simultaneously encouraged more candidates to transition and maximized the client’s cost savings.

The Results

In the last six months, we have successfully transitioned and recruited 30 contingent workers onto the site and achieved in excess of an immediate 10% cost savings for the client.

Through regular communication, dedicated compliance commitments and an objective consultancy we successfully managed the expectations of all parties involved during the transition process, which led to 18 transitions within just 2 weeks.

Key disciplines that we recruited include:

  • Administrators
  • Coordinator (Logistics / Material / Document / Invoice)
  • Designers (Electrical / Piping)
  • Engineers (Electrical / Cost)
  • Estimator
  • Front Line Supervisors
  • Planner
  • Project Manager
  • Requisitioner
  • Scheduler (Mechanical)
  • Specialists (Warehouse Inventory / Turnaround)
  • Technicians (CAD / Instrumentation)
  • TRACK Administrator

To date, we have achieved 100% contractual compliance and have ensured seamless, uninterrupted payroll processes for the entire workforce. All individuals are now successfully contributing to our client’s operation and we look forward to continuing to support them with managing their contingent workforce.

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