Case Study - Oil and Gas

Abandonment & Site Reclamation Programs - Canada

Following significant challenges to Canada’s energy sector as a result of COVID-19, the government decided to launch a new initiative to support Canadians and get people back to work, investing $1.7bn into cleaning up inactive oil and gas wells.

Investment was split across three provinces - Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. This program created circa 10,000 jobs across the country as well as delivering important environmental benefits.

To support this program, we worked with several prominent figures within the Canadian Oil and Gas sector, making a significant contribution to the overall initiative.

The government programs were the first of their kind in Canada, meaning there were no previous models or case studies for energy companies to use when planning their clean-up strategy. Timelines were tight, and so clients chose to work with NES Fircroft safe in the knowledge that this would enable their access to our large database of technical candidates, and that they could draw upon our expertise in staffing large oil and gas projects.

Our well reclamation recruitment support

To ensure our clients had the right candidates in place to partake in the Canadian Government’s initiative, we:

  • Sourced technically proficient candidates ranging from independent contractors and contractors already known to us from our existing network of Abandonment and Site Reclamation work force to fill the positions
  • Interviewed over 150+ candidates, of which 60+ reached the second stage leading to 42 placements to date
  • Managed the applications through government portals, ensuring efficient collaboration between NESF, the client and government representatives
  • Utilized our award-winning payroll and invoicing team
The results of our support

Our joint efforts with clients and the Canadian government mean we’ve collectively reclaimed over 3,000 sites.

In addition, as part of the federal government’s funding, Indigenous communities secured funding to clean up oil and gas wells which led NES Fircroft to form another partnership with Seh’ Chene Well Servicing. Our partnership promotes, strengthens, and enhances a prosperous Indigenous economy through solid business relationships and facilitating access to job opportunities.

We made it easy for our clients to utilize the Government funding, ensuring a smooth transition to incorporate the program into their reclamation projects, as well as supporting and keeping clients informed and up to date on the latest program developments.

Through our ongoing client relationships, NES Fircroft was also able to recruit on the client’s behalf, helping ensure that reclamation projects had adequate contractors to perform the tasks on hand and thereby ease the pressure of the hiring process.

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