Case Study

Onboarding for a Significant Energy Logistics Hub

Our client operates a facility in the US Virgin Islands, which serves as a key point for transporting
petrochemical products, including diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel, to nearby airports.

The client was looking to replace their existing labor services provider as part of the ongoing improvement initiatives with recruitment, training, and retention.

They were looking for a partner to provide better transparency in the services offered, better communication, lower costs, and a more robust and auditable training and compliance process.

The site employed a team of thirty contractors; retaining this experienced team was an essential target of the transition. The new vendor would need to manage the transition process, all contracts, associated training and safety certifications, and hold a comprehensive understanding of labour laws within the US Virgin Islands.

Our Recruitment Solution

Our recruitment experts consulted the client on their requirements, preparing a complete end-to-end package of staffing, training, and retention services.

Our solution included:

  • Standardizing the client’s recruitment and training program
  • Introducing a more transparent service and pricing model to accurately track staffing costs and simplify auditing
  • Coordinating with a known third party for training, compliance, and certification, utilizing an existing relationship with a training provider, and reducing training costs
  • Working with industry-recognized third-party consortiums to orchestrate thorough background checks on candidates
  • Applying our comprehensive knowledge of the region’s specific employment laws and regulations – as a registered as a company in the US Virgin Islands, we have first-hand experience of running a compliant operation
  • Providing seamless support during the transition process between vendors
Downstream Recruitment

NES Fircroft transitioned a complete team of 30 contractors in just three weeks.

The Results

The contractors were so pleased with the process and benefits package with us, that we retained all 30 personnel, long after the transition.

  • All contractors now have auditable compliance certifications with a compliance rate of 100%.
  • The process was seamless, and the client was particularly pleased with the open communication and support, our transparent service model, and the measurable reductions in staffing overspend.
  • The client has chosen to partner with NES Fircroft as the only contract staffing partner for the site for the foreseeable future.

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