Case Study - Downstream

Staffing Contractors for a Bio-Diesel Facility

Based in Geismar, Louisiana, our client operates a renewable diesel production facility which disposes grease from food waste – comparatively the company’s refining processes are considered to be 10 times cleaner than burning diesel.

We supported the client's billion dollar expansion project and can work across state-lines which many competitors can't do.

How we support the client

Dedicated customer service:

We appointed a team of specialists and an account manager which has enabled a dedicated point of contact and a fast response time to any queries that arise. Our contractor onboarding process is comprehensive and reinforces our 24/7 support to all workers throughout the tenure of their assignment

Unrivalled talent reach:

We mine our established talent network of local candidates, source recommendations, and leverage our huge LinkedIn following, plus utilize specialist job boards. Our large office network across the Gulf Coast and wider North American continent ensures that the client has access to the best American talent, wherever they may be in-country


Our contractor service, efficient processes and market reach enables the client to pivot their operation when needed, and navigate the peaks and troughs of industry

Compliance and national set-up:

We have Commercial and Legal teams who stay informed of all local, statewide and national legislation to ensure workers remain compliant throughout their assignments. Our set-up means that we can work across state-lines, something which the client’s previous suppliers have been unable to do

Simplified payroll system:

We use online timesheets to help streamline the payroll process, provide visibility for all parties, and reduce the human error associated with manual processes

Contractors recruited include:

  • Contracts Administrators
  • Field Buyers
  • Project Assistants
  • Procurement Assistants
  • SHE Administrators
  • Timekeeping Administrators
  • Cost Engineers

Ongoing Recruitment Support

Due to our success we have become a preferred supplier for the project team, and from initially being asked to source just one contractor, we have now sourced volume numbers. 

Our NES Fircroft consultant and their team are professional, responsive and really show us that they care about the needs of this project. We have had great experiences in both the candidate selection process and the hiring process.

Hiring Manager

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