Case Study - Oil & Gas

Contractor Transfer During The Holiday Period

Our client is a major international exploration and production company, active across the globe

Following the completion of a L48 RFQ, the client decided to consolidate their vendor list.

Contractors working through unsuccessful firms would be given just 3 days in which to select a new firm for a January 1st effective date. This presented less than 4 weeks to compliantly transition 30 contractors, and coincided with the Christmas holiday period. Simultaneously, the client was updating their ancillary charges (per diem, mileage, travel) which posed further complexities.

Our Solution

Over our 10+ year relationship we have built a comprehensive knowledge of our client’s operation.

We worked closely with the client to understand the current market conditions as well as IRS rates to establish new standards across their three key business units.

  • We appointed a dedicated Account Manager who was available throughout the holiday period to discuss rates and guide contractors through the onboarding process, communicating the Bedrock offerings and ensuring that these were understood.
  • Our assignment support teams liaised with a reputable background check company and drug testing facilities to expedite the necessary compliance and medical checks due to the required quick turnaround and the impact of business closures during the holiday season.
  • Our contractor liaison contact supported contractors in completing their 1099 paperwork and ensured that they understood their new invoicing process. Different timesheet options were provided depending on the assignment type for practicality - paper timesheets were given to field personnel, whereas electronic timesheets were given to office-based contractors.
The results of our support

We transitioned 30 contractors in a four week period.

  • All contractors transitioned on the requested date with more competitive rates than they were previously receiving
  • Our expertise enabled us to provide better payment terms and more comprehensive insurance packages for contractors, giving us an appealing edge to contractors considering our service.
  • We standardized ancillary rates during the process, which have since been rolled out to all contractors.
  • Through streamlining the transition process with open communication and efficient paper work handling, we ensured no disruption in business continuity for the client.

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