Case Study - Nuclear

Craft Labour for an Emergency Power Outage

Our client is a leading service provider for high reliability and optimal efficiency of rotating equipment across the global power market

The client was requested to support an emergency generator outage on one of the United States’ newest and largest nuclear power facilities providing clean energy to over two million Texas based homes. Rapid support was required.

Our Solution

The scope of work was determined as a full generator rewind, requiring 12 highly skilled generator winders across 2 shifts to repair one of the plant's nuclear steam turbine generators.

  • As a leading supplier of skilled craft labour, we were able to quickly step in and dedicate 3 craft discipline consultants to develop a rapid hiring campaign and secure 12 personnel within the week leading up to the generator shutdown.
  • Our extensive background checks and processes meant we were able to compliantly provide qualified badging personnel for unescorted access to the power station.

The outcome of our support

The rewind was completed ahead of the anticipated 32 day outage schedule, improving efficiency for our client with zero lost-time incidents.

Given the success of the project, the client provided completion bonuses for all NESF contractors; improving retention and securing winder personnel for future outage needs.

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