Case Study - Solar

Staffing the world's largest grid scale solar project

Our client is an independent power producer. We were engaged to support their Edward & Sanborn project in California, consisting of 950 megawatts of solar and 2,400 megawatt-hours of energy storage.

Our client had a series of open senior management positions; the roles had been open for several months and they had performed a large number of unsuccessful interviews across that time period.

The problem was two-fold; they were struggling to engage and attract talent with the right experience, and they were losing candidates to their competitors due to better compensation packages.

Their already stretched small HR team was becoming increasingly frustrated at their lack of progress. The client needed the support of a recruitment partner with broad market access and an enhanced understanding of the talent landscape.

Our Recruitment Solution

Our demonstrable competency in the North American market place meant we were given the opportunity on an exclusive basis. We appointed a dedicated recruitment consultant to lead the Executive Search. Armed with an improved employer value proposition, we leveraged the passive market and targeted competitor companies to pitch opportunities to prospective candidates.



We steered the client in a pragmatic direction, encouraging them to increase the geographic remit for prospective hires outside of just California, and enable the flexibility to work from home. This is turn increased their talent pool and also offered increased job appeal.

Candidate Search

Market research

Before our support, our client was unaware about their closest competitors’ retention strategies but with our insight, they were able to completely revamp their market offering.

End to End Recruitment

A more attractive plan

We helped the client to tailor their LTIP to better incentivise their hires to hit key project milestones such as (PPA/NTP/COD).

Our hires have included:

  • Director of Development
  • Director of Energy Storage
  • Director of Project Management
  • Vice President of Construction
  • Vice President of Project Management

Our dedicated search effort meant that we secured each of the 5 placements in just 5 weeks from our initial engagement on each role. After initially sourcing two Vice President positions, our scope grew to cover several Director positions.

Without securing these critical senior hires, the project would not have achieved the impressive production milestones they take pride in today.

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