False Claims of Recruitment Services


It has come to our attention that fraudsters are posing as NES Fircroft, claiming to offer j...

Vicki Codd

By Vicki Codd

It has come to our attention that fraudsters are posing as NES Fircroft, claiming to offer jobs to overseas candidates. The perpetrator will ask you upfront for a fee, or will ask you to share personal documentation, such as your passport and / or driver’s license, over social media.

These individuals do not represent NES Fircroft and we encourage candidates to be wary of anyone asking you to exchange documentation or money over social media. This is not how we conduct our professional business.

Things to look out for:

Email addresses

Official NES Fircroft business will always be conducted via an email address using the @nesfircroft.com email domain. Do not engage with email addresses that do not have this domain.

The following email addresses have been linked to fraudulent activity:






Social media page names

We only have 2 legitimate Facebook accounts. They are the following:

•NES Fircroft - https://www.facebook.com/NESFircroft

•NES Fircroft – Thailand - https://www.facebook.com/nesfircroft.thailand

If you see any page names such as “NES Fircroft CA”, “NES Fircroft Canada”, “NES Fircroft Global Talent”, “NES Fircroft Talent”, “NES Global Talent Canada” etc. – this is not a genuine company page. Do not engage with the page. If you see an account which has been created within the last few months, do not engage with it – this is not a genuine company page.

Our corporate Facebook accounts are controlled by the Marketing team. Individual recruitment consultants do not have access to our Facebook pages, and are not permitted to use our company name as part of their private social media accounts.

Phone numbers:

The following phone numbers have been linked to fraudulent Facebook accounts:

+1 856-861-3445

+ 1 862-419-3407

+1 (323) 765 8403

Contact name

Several candidates have identified that common names associated with the accounts are “Arthur Stanley” and “James Brown”. We do not have employees of these names.

Graphics and documentation

We no longer use the NES Global Talent logo or name in any capacity. Our merger in September 2020 with Fircroft resulted in a corporate re-brand, meaning we now go by the name of NES Fircroft. There are however occasions where we go by just “NES” (specific Middle East countries only) and this is reflected in our logo where appropriate. We are never “NES Global Talent”.

What to do if you are a victim of this scam

If you happen to fall victim to this fake recruitment scam, we recommend that you contact your local authorities and file a report.

We urge you to cease contact with the scammers straight away to prevent any more attempts at receiving your money or personal data.

If you are unsure about an offer you have received, contact our local offices.

Examples of fraudulent pages / exchanges are below.