Exploring Career Opportunities Beyond Your Current Sector

By Jessica Harper & Paul Caton & Shawna Leatherwood

In this mini-series, we’re delving into how you can make the most of downtime during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

In episode 1, we talk to not one but three experienced NES recruiters who have been with the business for years to discuss what opportunities are available to candidates looking to explore other sectors.

Our guests are Paul Caton, Director of Oil, Gas and Chemicals in Calgary, Shawna Leatherwood, Principal Consultant in Houston and Jessica Harper, Recruitment Manager based in Calgary. We talk about:

  • What sectors are available to candidates looking to transfer?

  • What transferable skills can help a candidate make a transition to a new sector?

  • How can candidates improve their career prospects during this challenging time?

  • How can candidates stay prepared for when the market rebounds

As well as some personal experiences of candidates they have supported in making a transition between sectors.

Listen to this episode now!

If you enjoyed this, lookout for the next episode in this mini-series where we talk to a contractor who’s made the transition into a new sector to gain his perspective. To make sure you don’t miss an episode, you can follow us on SoundCloud or find us on iTunes.

NES covers recruitment across many sectors meaning we have supported clients and candidates across a number of industries for the last forty years in good and challenging times. If you need support contact your local NES representative.