Video Interviewing: How It Works And Top Tips For Success

By Lauren Edwards

​Right now, many are unable to travel and interact face to face in light of the spread of Covid-19, but this doesn’t mean that interviews can’t take place. Many companies are utilising digital channels to conduct interviews via video and we’re seeing more hires made remotely than ever before.  

But there are many nuances to be aware of in order to succeed in a video interview – interviewing online and interviewing in person are completely different experiences.

In this episode of NES Chat, Lauren is joined by Business System Manager, Darren Gibson from NES Advantage Solutions to discuss:

  • How Video Interviewing Technology works

  • The benefits

  • How to prepare for a video interview

  • How to ensure your surrounds look professional

  • How to build a rapport virtually

  • And more!

Listen to this episode of NES Chat 

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