Supporting contractors during medical emergencies - Oman

Supporting contractors during medical emergencies - Oman

Whilst waiting at the airport to fly home on rotation from Oman, one of NES Fircroft’s contractors collapsed in pain of the abdomen of such severity that he required emergency medical support.

Due to the intensity of the pain, he was completely incapacitated and was therefore unable to phone for help. Fortunately, one of his colleagues was travelling alongside him and contacted the NES in-country representative for support.

We have assignment support teams based all across the globe, including in Oman, meaning that we are immediately on-hand to assist with contractor-related emergencies in their time zones and local languages.

Upon receiving the call and obtaining the details of the incident, one of our dedicated Oman-based Assignment Support Coordinators immediately contacted the insurance company to explain the circumstances of the matter and to orchestrate the required medical care.  

Contractor welfare is of paramount concern to our business and with the standard of care facilities varying greatly across the globe, NES only partner with insurers of the utmost quality; the insurance company quickly coordinated with both NES and the airport medical team to locate the nearest approved hospital on their network list.

Our Solution

Once the hospital location was confirmed, the airport medical team transported the contractor by ambulance. NES then sent our in-country Public Relations Officer (PRO) to visit the contractor and assist with the liaison between the hospital and Assignment Support. We ensured that our contractor’s insurance approvals were given priority so that the hospital could perform the necessary tests and scans as soon as possible.

  • The contractor was quickly diagnosed with kidney stones and given the appropriate treatment and pain relief.
    NES then informed the client to explain what had happened.
  • Following the urgent procedure and recovery time, our PRO arranged for the contractor to be safely transported back to the project site accommodation after his release from hospital.
    His admittance, procedure, treatment and recovery was of such a swift pace that he was released from the hospital in the early hours of the following day; 48 hours after being admitted to hospital, we were able to secure flights for him to fly home to his family.


The results of our support

Our contractor made a full recovery which was entirely paid for by our insurance coverage.

If NES had not stepped in to coordinate with the insurance company, the contractor would have had been responsible for paying the exceedingly high costs of his treatment upfront, and then would have needed to wait a considerable time for reimbursement.

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