Case Study - Medical response support

Batam - Medical response support

Our contractor suffered a heart attack in a remote Indonesia location.

One of our clients was conducting work in a fabrication yard in Batam and required
expatriates to assist in completing the project. 

We had mobilised a contractor from the UK onsite who had no pre-existing health conditions. The contractor had finished their shift for the day and had just left the fabrication yard. As they were walking back to the compound, they suffered a heart attack.

Our Solution

NES Fircroft recognises that contractor safety is of paramount concern and has back-up plans in place to assist in emergency scenarios, despite mobilisation restrictions.

  • Our client’s project is based in a remote location in Indonesia. The nearest hospital does not have the facilities to transport patients from remote areas. Typically, in an emergency such as this we would arrange for urgent medivac to Singapore, however, due to severe COVID-19 estrictions Singapore would not let personnel in.
  • Our insurance provider arranged a private jet for the contractor to be transported to Thailand (their home country) for treatment, where it was discovered they required a pacemaker.
The results of our support

The contractor made a full recovery due to the comprehensive coverage offered by our insurance policy, and all medical expenses were covered.

  • Our dedicated team acted as the client’s liaison point and provided rapid access to talent.
  • Our tried and tested local logistics and supply chain methods allowed us to deliver a fast onboarding and mobilisation process to get our contractors to site as quickly as possible.
  • Our reputation precedes itself on site; we are now supporting over 50% of the staffing requirements on the project, including referred candidates as well as ones we have sourced from elsewhere.

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