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Managed Services Provision (MSP)

NES Advantage is the leading engineering workforce solutions provider globally.

We have decades of experience in delivering effective contingent workforce solutions and mobilisation programmes. Our award-winning, industry specific teams combine people, technology, data and market insight to help you achieve your goals. Contact our local teams to find out more:

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World-leading recruitment solutions

In a post covid world, your business needs

  • Flexibility and workforce agility to be business ready
  • A motivated and right-sized supply chain to deliver the talent you need
  • Technology to improve efficiency, ensure compliance and engage talent
  • To deliver cost savings without compromising talent quality
Let NES Advantage take the talent strain
Managed Services Provision

A Managed Services programme can help you to achieve your goals and resolve your contingent workforce challenges, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

Visibility of local content and hires

Control and analytics across your entire contract workforce

Flexibility to scale up as required

Enabling your organisation to respond to requirements effectively

Supplier management

Eliminating hidden mark-up/charges and non-standardised terms creating guaranteed cost savings

Quicker time to hire

Through a consistent and efficient digitalised end to end process

Compliant mobilisation solutions

Delivering costs savings and reducing risk

Seamless timesheet approvals

Seamless processes reduce the admin burden and minimise risk of error

Our Services Deliver Effective Workforce Management



Our technology will help you to stay ahead of competitors

NES Advantage is continuously updating its technology offering in order to continue delivering the best brand experience in the staffing market. Our technological suite underpins every single one of our services and is designed to support our clients in facilitating best business practices. Our technology leverages our recruitment practise to become more efficient, pragmatic, and ultimately, successful.

​We work with organisations to help them understand the latest HR technology and how to leverage the best technology solutions in a seamless technology stack.

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There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution – we tailor solutions based on your requirements, our best practice, technology and partners. Our solutions will reduce cost and complexity, improve visibility and secure compliance.

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