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RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing

NES Advantage can support all, or part of your permanent workforce hiring

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Our RPO solutions allow clients to outsource part of their entire direct hiring, safe in the knowledge that they are partnering with a company offering a breadth of experience to manage high-volume demand and the global capabilities to source exactly the right individuals for their talent needs.

Better quality and faster hiring

Our RPO solutions typically involve the deployment of applicant tracking systems (ATS) or the optimisation of existing ones. We work with clients to build their employment brand and talent pool, resulting in reduced time invested by line management.

  • We deliver specialised and scalable recruitment teams responding to change of volume and location.
  • Our international infrastructure and established talent pools allows us to source talent in existing and emerging markets.
  • Stringent SLAs are used to measure our performance and our pricing models underpin our commitment to deliver quality solutions.

Industry Accredited

"NES Advantage has made a mark on the EMEA RPO market with its niche industry focus on the energy and utilities space and a recent acquisition to fuel its growth in pharma and life sciences. "Its expertise in hiring specialized white-collar talent, technology partnership ecosystem, and strong service delivery network have contributed to its positioning as a Major Contender and a Star Performer on Everest Group's Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 - EMEA."

- Arkadev Basak, Partner, Everest Group

Trusted Recruitment Services

If tasked with your RPO requirements, NES Advantage Solutions will deliver:

Streamlined recruitment process

We overcome disjointed practises across organisational functions; through analysing the recruitment process workflow we identify overlaps, excessive costs, and inefficiencies in order to create a tailored model that works for you.​

Increased productivity

We deliver a faster time to hire. Hiring new staff demands excessive time spent on administration tasks; NES can take this burden away through sourcing resumés, screening prospective candidates, conducting interviews and handling all negotiations to ensure that you can concentrate on the business at hand.​

Access a global talent pool

Through 50 years' of operation our established candidate networks give you access to the best global talent, whilst our tried and tested screening processes ensure optimal partnerships between the role, person and organisational culture.

Scalability and flexibility

An unpredictable economic climate means that workforces need to be flexible; our versatile local teams enable us to efficiently adjust your resource levels appropriately to ensure you do not have unnecessary or inefficient staff during business downturns or expansions, thereby reducing the cost for the client during periods of reduced hiring.

Sophisticated reporting

Our transparent processes are delivered by technology that offers comprehensive and segmented reporting on recruitment activity.​

Our technology will help you to stay ahead of competitors

NES Advantage is continuously updating its technology offering in order to continue delivering the best brand experience in the staffing market. Our technological suite underpins every single one of our services and is designed to support our clients in facilitating best business practices. Our technology leverages our recruitment practise to become more efficient, pragmatic, and ultimately, successful.

​We work with organisations to help them understand the latest HR technology and how to leverage the best technology solutions in a seamless technology stack.

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There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution – we tailor solutions based on your requirements, our best practice, technology and partners. Our solutions will reduce cost and complexity, improve visibility and secure compliance.

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