NES Global Talent has introduced a new graduate scheme with the University of Houston with the aim of harnessing the skills and networks of university graduates to help build a pipeline of young talent who would consider a career in the oil and gas industry.

Research from the US Labor Force Statistics show that approximately a fifth of the US oil and gas workforce is aged 55 or older with more baby boomers believed to have retired from the industry during the last down-turn, but by using new sales graduates to promote the benefits of a career in oil and gas, NES Global Talent believe they can persuade more young adults to choose a career in the industry.

Kaitlyn Palividas is the first of seven graduates from the university to join NES Global Talent scheme and had just secured a full-time role in recruitment with the company, within the oil and gas sector.

Kaitlyn said: “It’s great to be joining an industry which is so crucial to the economic success of the United States and it’s an exciting time to be joining the sector too. With the global demand for oil improving it’s time for businesses to look at bringing on the next generation of oil and gas professionals and I’m excited to be part of the team working to identify them in order to keep this great industry going.

 “Effective recruitment is essential for future business growth so it’s incredibly gratifying helping businesses identify the talent they need and helping young people.

“Part of our role is to help people identify the transferable skills they have which would make them ideal for a career in the oil and gas industry and also to help young people see the benefits of starting a career in oil and gas.” “While Houston is the centre of oil and gas and critical to our industry, I feel that the scheme with NES Global Talent has already helped the University of Houston and its alumni develop a growing presence in the city too, as people start to see this emerging group of hard workers that are striving to become leading players in the industry.”

“I’ve been so impressed with the scheme that I’ve encouraged my peers to apply to work with NES Global Talent too.”

Dane Groeneveld, the Managing Director of NES Global Talent in the Americas, said: “Helping to identify the next generation of oil and gas talent is crucial to the industry and we’re excited about harnessing the skills of recent graduates to help do that.

“As we move into our 40th year as a company, it’s exciting to be starting this new graduate scheme. While we help talented and enthusiastic graduates receive the hands-on training and support they need to start their careers, these graduates will help discover and support talented young workers taking their first steps into the oil and gas industry.

“This is a great opportunity for NES Global Talent to give back to our local community in Texas and invest in the future generation. We are delighted to be involved and look forward to forging even greater ties with the university this year, supporting students wherever we can.”

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