Gavin Peavoy, NES Global Talent Managing Director for Europe & Africa, provides his insights into the future of the energy market and likely oil and gas job hot-spots for 2018.

The Rise of Technology

Technology has changed many industries. In the modern energy market, business is won by being able to demonstrate better performance through the use of data and technological solutions. Peavoy explains:

“The recruitment industry is now more targeted on technology which allows the demonstration and monitoring of efficiency, and NES place a significant focus on investing in technology and the necessary tools that will attract candidates and generate better performance”.

Although technological enhancements have brought significant changes to the market, Peavoy emphasises that the core focus must be the customer – both candidates and clients.

Oil and Gas

In recent years the oil market witnessed a recession which led to a loss in headcount for many businesses. However, Peavoy notes that the sector is looking more positive recently with large-scale projects being constructed (such as the Coral LNG project in Mozambique and the TengizChevroil (TCO) site in Kazakhstan) that have already impacted the overall demand across the supply chain and will likely generate further opportunities in 2018.

In Africa, countries such as Ghana, Mauritania, and Senegal are also showing positive signs of growth. Projects in Tanzania, Uganda, and Mozambique are also emerging and continue to create new opportunities within oil and gas.

In Europe, the core locations for the sector, including London, Paris, The Hague, and Stavanger, will also likely experience an upturn in development.


The power market is a strong focus for NES and delivering a strategy to support asset owners in key projects is essential. There are a growing number of job opportunities in power, wind, solar, battery storage, and the wider grid asset market.

Peavoy comments that the UK has a focus on the power market, with key projects including Hinkley Point and East Anglia One (EA1). Outside of the UK, North Africa, especially Algeria and Libya, are continuing to create a number of new opportunities within the power market. 


More oil and gas companies are looking to diversify and invest in alternative energy markets. The European renewables market continues to be of particular importance with France and Denmark being highlighted as the two key areas where more job openings will likely be created.

Peavoy comments:

“A large focus for many core upstream clients is now being placed on diversifying into the renewable energy market. Core asset owners are looking very closely at global renewables projects, and leading oil businesses are showing their commitment to the market by investing in a range of wind and solar projects”.

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