Working in Oil and Gas comes with a wide variety of unique industry-related terminology that you will need to understand to communicate with your colleagues.  

This week, we’re focusing on the letter "G", and a handful of keywords associated with natural gas.  

Gas Field – a field that contains natural gas only. Sometimes there may be limited producible oil but this is rare. 

Gas Injection – a process used to maintain reservoir pressure. Separated associated gas will be pumped back into a reservoir for conservation purposes.

Gas in place (GIP) or Gas initially in place (GIIP) – before extraction or production takes place, GIP or GIIP refers to the quantity of estimated gas that is believed to exist in naturally occurring accumulations.

Gas Lift – is the process of raising or lifting fluid from a well by injecting gas through tubing into the well. The injection of gas means the fluid is aerated and less dense, forcing it out of the well bore.

Gas Oil Ratio (GOR) – simply refers to the number of cubic feet of gas produced per barrel of oil

Gatherer – refers to any person or vehicle (i.e truck or barge) authorised to gather or accept oil, gas or geothermal resources after production or from storage.

Gathering Line – (or a pipeline) is located within an oilfield and gathers produced oil and/or gas with the purpose to bring it to a location for further transmission.

Gun Barrel Separator – used to separate oil, water and gas and is located near the wellhead. 

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