Terminology Series   H

Working in Oil and Gas will expose you to a large amount of industry jargon that you’ll need to understanding in order to communicate with your colleagues.

This week, we’re focusing on the letter "H", and a handful of keywords associated with oil wells.  

Horizontal Drilling: A method of drilling where the drill bit is turned in a horizontal direction (generally with an inclination greater than 85°) in an effort to produce hydrocarbons from a number of areas located at the same approximate depth.

Hot Oiling:Circulation of heated fluid (typically oil) to dissolve / dislodge paraffin deposits from the production tubing. Paraffin deposits can occur where a large variation in temperature exists across the producing system.

Hydraulic Disconnect: A downhole tool designed to allow the lower and upper tool string sections to be parted, which enables the retrieval of the running string. Hydraulic disconnects rely on the application of a predefined pressure through the running string to activate a release mechanism. Sometimes, a ball will be used to block circulation through the tool string, which enables the application of the release pressure.

Running string - A small-diameter tubing string run inside the production tubing of a well as a remedial treatment to resolve liquid-loading problems. As the reservoir pressure in a gas well depletes, there may be insufficient velocity to transport all liquids from the wellbore.

Hydrocarbon: A compound that contains only the elements hydrogen and carbon; this can exist  as a solid, a liquid or a gas.

Hydrochloric Acid: A type of acid commonly used in oil and gas well stimulation, especially in carbonate formations (rock where the main mineral content is calcite and aragonite). The effects of hydrochloric acid enable it to be used in many treatments, often with chemical
additives that enhance its performance or allow greater control of the treatment. Treatments are commonly conducted with 15% or 28% solutions of hydrochloric acid.

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