Terminology Series   M

Working within Oil and Gas will introduce you to a new industry-specific vocabulary and acronyms which can be difficult to understand at first glance.

This blog has collated terms beginning with the letter "M".

MBBL – stands for ‘thousands of barrels’.

MD – stands for ‘measured depth’.

Medium Crude Oil – refers to liquid petroleum that has a density between light and heavy crude oil.

Metric tonne - a unit of measurement equivalent to 1000 kilos, 2204.61 lbs; 7.5 barrels.

Methane – is the main constituent of natural gas. Chemically, it’s classed as the simplest hydrocarbon molecule and is made up of on carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms.

MER – stands for ‘maximising economic recovery’.

Middle Distillates – refers to medium-density refined petroleum products such as jet fuel, kerosene and light fuel oil.

Miscible Flooding – refers to an oil recovery process. Fluid that is able to mix completely with oil is injected into the oil reservoir with the aim of increasing recovery.

MMBBL – stands for ‘millions of barrels’.

MMBEO – stands for ‘million barrels of oil equivalent’.

MMCFD – stands for ‘millions of cubic feet per day’ (of gas). This unit of measurement is predominantly used in the United States.

Mud -  or sometimes called ‘drilling mud’ or ‘drilling fluid’ is a heavy fluid mixture made of base substance and additives that is used to lubricate and cool the drill bit.

Midstream - The oil and gas industry is divided into three major components: upstream, midstream and downstream.  Midstream is a term used to refer to activities, such as transportation, that fall between exploration and production (upstream) and refining and marketing (downstream).

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