Terminology Series N
Working within Oil and Gas means you will be introduced to a whole host of new industry-specific terminology. To help you understand this new vocabulary, we’re taking through terms you need to know from A-Z.
This blog has collated terms beginning with the letter "N".

Natural Completion – refers toa completion system that utilizes the natural flow capability of a reservoir.

Natural Gas – refers to gas that occurs naturally. It is often found with crude petroleum.

Natural gas liquids ( or NGLs) – refers to the portions of gas from a reservoir that are liquefied. This is usually observed in gas processing plants, at the surface in separators or field facilities. Sometimes NGL is also called liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Neutralization – is a chemical reaction between a base and an acid which forms salt and water. This process is used in the manufacturing of mud products or the removal of acidic products/contaminants from muds. It is also used to test how alkaline a mud is.

Neutron Log – refers to a radioactivity well log that determines how porous a formation is by blitzing the formation with neutrons. As the neutrons hit the hydrogen atoms in oil or water, gamma rays are released which are then used to identify the porosity.

Night Toolpusher – refers to the the job role ‘Assistant Toolpusher’ who generally works during night-time hours.

Nipple – refers to a type of pipe fitting that is tubular in nature and threaded on both ends. It is used to connect pipe joints and other tools.

Nitro shooting -  a formation-stimulation process where Nitroglycerine is placed in a well and exploded causing a fracture.

NNS – stands for Northern North Sea.

Non-associated gas – refers to natural gas from a reservoir that does not contain a significant amount of crude oil.

Nozzle – refers to the passage through jet bits that cause drilling fluid to be ejected at a high velocity.

Nuclear tracer – refers to a gas, liquid, or solid material that emits gamma rays.

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