If you’ve just secured your first role in the Oil and Gas industry you’ll likely come across lots of new industry-specific jargon and terminology. To help get you clued up, we’ve put together our “Oil and Gas terminology series”.

This week, we’re looking at the letter "S", and a few words associated with geology and drilling. 

Secondary recovery: (a stage of Enhanced Oil Recovery) the recovery of oil and/or gas from a reservoir by injecting gas, water or other substances into the reservoir rock to sweep oil and/or gas from the reservoir. 

Seismic: the use of elastic energy waves (such as P-waves and S-waves) to ascertain the nature of subsurface geological structures. 2D Seismic records are studied by scientists to interpret the composition, fluid content, extent, and geometry of rocks in the subsurface. 

Separation: when liquid, gas hydrocarbons and water are separated. This is typically accomplished in a pressure vessel at the surface, but new technologies have been developed that allow separation to occur in the wellbore (under certain conditions). 

Shutdown: when production is paused to allow essential maintenance work to take place. 

SNS: Southern North Sea.

Spud-in: when the first part of a new well is drilled. 

Standard contracts: (Known formerly as CRINE contracts) are the contracts developed by the ‘Standard Contracts Committee.’ They are issued for use between clients and their contractors to simplify procedures and save costs.

Standard agreements: Agreements recommended for use by all UKCS licensees. They help to simplify operational and transactional procedures and focus on saving costs. 

Step Change in Safety: A UK based partnership founded in 1997 by the oil and gas industry trade associations to reduce the UK offshore oil and gas industry injury rate by 50%.

Shapefile: a popular geospatial vector data format for geographic information system (GIS) software.

Suspended well: a well that has been capped off temporarily.

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