Terminology Series T

Working within the Oil and Gas industrywill introduce you to a host of industry-specific vocabulary and new terminology.

This article looks at the letter "T", and some words associated with the Oil & Gas sector.

Top Side

The superstructure of a platform.

Tight Gas

Natural gas produced from reservoir rocks with such low permeability that massive hydraulic fracturing, where fluid is pumped into the ground to make it more permeable, is necessary to produce the well at economic rates.


The smallest diameter pipe within a well bore which transmits the hydrocarbon production to the surface.


Second-in-command of a drilling crew. Responsible for the day-to-day running of the rig and for ensuring that all the necessary equipment is available. Also called a rig superintendent, drilling foreman, or rig supervisor.

Thermal recovery

A type of improved recovery in which heat is introduced into a reservoir to lower the viscosity of heavy oils and to facilitate their flow into producing wells.

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