Terminology Series V

Whether you work within the technical or support functions of the Oil and Gasindustry, you’ll be introduce to a whole new set of industry-specific vocabulary and abbreviations – to help you understand we’ve collated a list of terms beginning with the letter "V" that focus on Drilling and Drilling Fluids.


Refers to a copolymer of vinyl acetate (ethylenic polymer) and anhydrous maleic acid (a di-hydroxy acid) that usually has a high molecular weight. Because of this, it’s often used as a flocculant (a substance which promote the clumping of fine particles) or bentonite extender (used to Prevent solids separation/reduce free water)

Vantage POB

Refers to a shared service to oil and gas operators (by LOGIC) for personnel and certification tracking at onshore and offshore installations in the United Kingdom.

Before the year 2000, each operator had an independent system.

Vapor extraction (vapex)

A non-thermal heavy oil manufacturing method that consists of a solvent vapor being used to reduce the viscosity of heavy oil. The solvent is injected into the heavy oil and subsequently expands and dilutes. The diluted heavy oil will then drain to the lover horizontal well.

Velocity correction factor

The Velocity Correction factor links the velocity of single-phase liquid flow measured in the centre of a pipe with the average velocity across the pipe.


Refers to ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid which is the substance used to titrate for calcium and magnesium ions in water samples. It’s also known as titraver or EDTA.

Viscous oil

Crude oil with high viscosity (typically above 10 cp), and high specific gravity. Heavy oils tend to have low hydrogen-to-carbon ratios, high asphaltene, sulfur, nitrogen, heavy-metal content and higher acid numbers.


Viscosity is a measurement of a fluid’s resistance to flow and is sometimes abbreviated to ‘Vis’.


Stands for ‘Vertical Seismic Profile’ and is a technique used to record seismic waves directly at a borehole which enables seismic two-way travel time reflectors to be accurately correlated with formation depths encountered by the well.

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