Terminology Series   Z

Working in the Oil and Gas industry will introduce you to a whole new set of industry-specific vocabulary – to help you understand we’ve collated a list of a few terms beginning with the letter "Z" that focus on Drilling Fluids.

Zinc Basic Carbonate

A neutral double salt of zinc carbonate and zinc hydroxide used as for water-based drilling fluids.

Zinc Bromide

An acidic salt, ZnBr2, used to prepare dense, solids-free brine for workover operations and well completion.

Zinc Carbonate

A neutral zinc salt, ZnCO3, used as a sulphide scavenger in water-base muds which is less soluble than zinc basic carbonate.

Zinc Chloride

An acidic salt, ZnCl2, used as one of the standard saturated salt solutions for calibration of the electrohygrometer. Zinc chloride is used in saltwater mud because the chloride salt does not cause detrimental effects on mud performance.

Zinc Oxide

Another sulphide scavenger, ZnO, which has a very weak base. This is used in oil-based or synthetic-based muds.

Zip Collars

Sometimes referred to Zip Groove, is used to describe drill collars that have been manufactured with a reduced diameter so that they may be more easily handled with open-and-close elevators.

Zero-Zero Gels

Zero-zero gels mud allows barite and cuttings to settle. The gel strength is considered to be very low with both values near zero when measured according to standardized test procedures.

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