NES Global Talent Receives Saudi Aramco IKTVA Recognition Award


The In-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) program has been created by Saudi Aramco and is close...

NES Fircroft

By NES Fircroft

The In-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) program has been created by Saudi Aramco and is closely aligned to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision, through the strategy of creating value in every aspect of business, maximizing long-term economic growth and diversification.

The IKTVA program drives additional domestic value creation to support a rapidly changing economic environment and foster future prosperity in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco is working with suppliers to capture value that produces long-term tangible benefits for Saudi Arabia, including quality jobs for a growing Saudi population, innovation and diversification of industry, and increased global competitiveness.

As a supplier to Saudi Aramco and its partners, NES Global Talent plays a key part in driving the IKTVA score of our clients through our own successes in the area. Posting an audited IKTVA score of 40% allows NES to present workable partnership solutions to our clients to drive their own IKTVA score up, thus positively impacting their Saudi Aramco relationships, projects and contracts. 

One such solution saw NES replace a 100+ expatriate workforce with a 100% local workforce for Baker Hughes. Through the engagement of such high levels of Saudi talent, Baker’s IKTVA score was positively affected, enabling them to secure further contracts with Saudi Aramco. The successful impact of this solution on Baker’s business has led to Baker present NES with the inaugural IKTVA Program Recognition Award at the recent IKTVA Forum & Exhibition in Dammam, hosted by Saudi Aramco.

This recognition is a fantastic achievement for everyone involved with the Saudi Arabia operation and provides yet further evidence of NES being a market leader in Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East.

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