How To Get An Engineering Job In Battery Storage With Harry Fitzwilliam-Pipe

By Harry Fitzwilliam-Pipe

In the first part of our new podcast series on how to enter the energy industry, we spoke to Harry Fitzwilliam-Pipe, managing consultant for Alternative Energy here at NES Fircroft. Harry has a background in physics and is a specialist in battery storage technology recruitment, with a deep understanding of the industry's current trends, demands, and opportunities.

The battery storage industry is growing rapidly, in parallel with renewables and green energy growth. Solar PV and Wind energy production, energy balancing, domestic power storage, and electric vehicle (EV) energy storage are just some of the applications of modern battery technology on a large scale. Most recently, the largest battery energy storage facility in Europe, the Pillswood Project near Hull in the UK, was completed and will store enough energy to power up to 300,000 homes for up to two hours.

The industry is still in its infancy in terms of scale. But substantial investment and technological improvements, combined with a global need to reduce our carbon footprint and the causes of climate change, are driving the industry forward.

But what skills and experience are the most significant companies seeking? And how can candidates with those skills find the right opportunities and further their careers? Join us on our podcast as Harry explains the state of the industry currently, the skills and experience the industry is looking for, and how to identify opportunities to enter an exciting and rewarding industry.