Interview Tips & Techniques: How To Prepare For An Interview - Podcast Episode

By Vicki Codd & Zach Blaylock

Interviews are a necessary part of the recruitment process but candidates often struggle to prepare adequately for them. Like most things in life, if you don’t prepare well you’re less likely to succeed and achieve that all important job offer. 33% of bosses claim they know if they will hire someone within the first 90 seconds of an interview – so making a good first impression is the difference between receiving a job offer or not. 

But in such competitive times, what’s the best way to prepare for an interview to ensure you make a good impression?

In this episode of NES Chat, we’re joined by Zach Blaylock one of our senior recruiters based in California and Vicki Codd who’s a member of our Board. Both Zach and Vicki have been conducting interviews for years so are perfectly placed to provide interview tips.

We talked about: 

  • What should candidates research?
  • Where can they look for information?
  • How can a candidate prepare for basic & competency based questions?
  • How should a candidate evidence their experience?
  • What is most impressive about a candidate
  • Should candidates bring notes to their interview?
  • What questions should a candidate ask an interviewer?
  • And more

They also shared personal interview experiences and practical tips for success. 

Listen to this episode of NES Chat 

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