What's It Like To Transition Into The Asian Wind Market From Another Industry?

By Charlie Delaume & Julian Day

Year on year, Asia is setting ambitious targets for growth within the wind power market. Because of this, there is a high demand for engineers with a range of technical skills. But, the sector is still young and the engineers with the required skill sets don’t necessarily have a background in wind meaning companies are having to look outside for the skills they need.

But how easy is it to transition into the wind sector? And what makes an engineer the ideal candidate if they don’t have industry experience?

To answer these questions, Charlie Delaume, NES Managing Consultant based in our Vietnam office, spoke with Julian Day, a Project Director currently responsible for the delivery of the nearshore Tra Vinh Wind Farm. Julian has vast experience across multiple sectors and has both transitioned into wind himself and has experience hiring candidates from different backgrounds. They discussed:

- Julian's personal experiences transitioning between sectors
- What the more critical transferable skill sets are
- What makes someone an ideal candidate if they don’t have the relevant industry experience
- What the benefits are when hiring from different backgrounds
- What skill sets and positions are needed for the wind industry to continue developing and more.

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