Will AI Replace Recruiters? Recruitment Misconceptions with Darren Westall, CEO Paiger

By Darren Westall

We sat down with Darren Westall, CEO at Paiger, to discuss how AI impacts the hiring process. 

The technology behind talent acquisition is evolving. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being rapidly implemented into acquisition and recruitment tools, driven by the developments in ChatGPT and other tools. Technology is being used to identify candidates, sort and filter applicants, and even conduct initial interviews and answer candidate questions through chatbots. 

With greater automation and AI-supported decision-making, does this mean that the days of human recruiters are numbered? 

Definitely not! 

In fact, for the recruiter who is willing to learn, adapt, and integrate AI into their workflows, the possibilities are huge. 

In this podcast, Darren explores AI's role in the recruitment process, how AI is changing the recruitment process, as well as offering tips on how you can specialise your CV to make it stand out and get it seen by a real person. 

You can watch this episode on Youtube here, or watch and listen on Spotify here.