The US election result has sent shock waves around the world with both political leaders and many Americans expressing both concern and trepidation as to what the future holds.

But in a recent survey carried out by NES Global Talent, Oil & Gas contractors do not seem to share this gloomy outlook.

In fact 48% stated they personally felt positive about the result and 63% thought it would have a positive effect on the oil and gas industry.

Respondents from the United States were even more positive with almost 70% stating it was a positive result and 78% feeling it would be good news for U.S. Oil and Gas and would create more oil and gas jobs.

Once more, 64% of U.S. respondents felt more confident about their job prospects in the sector as a result of the election, compared to 44% of all respondents.

Donald Trump certainly made some bold claims on the campaign trail which could see his presidency herald a seismic shift in US domestic energy policy and reignite growth in the sector. Regulatory impediments look likely to be removed and there will be little government support now for those blocking infrastructure projects, leaving the path open for new pipeline projects to move forward.

In the end only time will tell what affect the 45th president of America will have on US policy and the global marketplace, in the short term it certainly appears to be welcome news for many workers who after a tough few years are certainly hoping for better times. 


Vicki Codd

Vicki Codd

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