NES Global Talent has been supporting oil and gas projects in the Middle East for a number of years, providing some of the leading oil and gas jobs in the region.

Last year, we wrote about our top oil and gas projects in the Middle East for 2017. We’ve updated the list in this post and included some exciting new projects that we’re supporting in 2018.

Read our top oil and gas projects in the Middle East for 2018 below and find out where you could be working next.

Rumaila Field, Iraq​

The Rumaila field is based in southern Iraq and is considered to be the fourth largest oilfield in the world.

New providers took control in 2010 and since then the number of producing wells has increased by around 50%.

The field has produced more than 3 billion barrels since the new providers started operations in 2010 and in December 2016 was producing 1.45m barrels a day.

NES Global Talent has supported this project since February 2011 by providing expats and Iraqi nationals.

We have over 540 Iraqi nationals on the Rumaila Project who support the operation with security, engineering and support. We also have over 150 highly skilled expats from different nationalities in supervisor and management positions on a rotational basis to cover and support work on site.

For more information, read our blog on the Rumaila Oil Field or contact one of our Iraq offices.

Jazan Export Refinery, Saudi Arabia

The Jazan Refinery, based in south-west Saudi Arabia, will have an anticipated capacity of up to 400,000 barrels per day and produce 80,000 bpd of gasoline. As well as a refinery, the project will also have a shipping terminal on the Red Sea, and will be part of the wider Jazan Economic City.

The project was started in 2014 and in January 2017 the refinery was 70% complete, and the workforce building the project has been estimated at 40,000 in total.

NES Global Talent is supplying 70+ contractors on the construction of the Air Separation Unit, which is one of the biggest in the world. The project carries significant challenges relating to its extreme remote location and current lack of infrastructure, so is interesting for all contractors involved.

To discuss job opportunities on the Jazan Refinery project, please contact our Saudi Arabia office.

Duqm Refinery, Oman

The Duqm Refinery will occupy around 9km2 (the equivalent to 833 football pitches) and will have an oil processing capacity of 230,000 barrels a day from a variety of crude mixtures. Primary products will be naphtha, jet fuel, diesel and LPG. The project will include units for hydrocracking, hydrotreating, delayed coking, sulfur recovery, hydrogen generation, and Merox treating.

The project will be part of the Special Economic Zone of Duqm (SEZD) – the next industrial and economic hub in Oman. The area will have up to $15 billion invested over the next 15 years, will generate 12,000 jobs (10% of which will be for Omani nationals), and will be one of the largest industrial zones in the Middle East. Significant investment already in the area includes a new airport (the Duqm Jaaluni Airport), a new dry dock, roads and hotels.

The project is estimated to come online in 2021 and a formal notice to proceed for EPC work was authorised to start in June 2018 after a ground-breaking ceremony was held in April 2018.

NES are well placed to recruit for jobs at the Duqm Refinery project. We have a strong relationship with key members within the Duqm Refinery office in Muscat and have already made a number of contract placements in the corporate team.

We are also well placed to be involved in the EPC and PMC due to our track record in Oman and some of the EPC contractors bidding on work with Duqm.

For more information on the Duqm project, please contact our Oman office.

Sitra Oil Refinery Upgrade & Expansion, Bahrain

On the island of Sitra is a refinery, known simply as Bahrain refinery, which produces around 267,000 barrels per day of crude. An expansion project to upgrade the facilities to a capacity of 360,000 bpd has started, which is expected to be completed in 2022 after a total investment cost of around $5bn.

NES has an agreement to supply contract personnel to the project management team for the Sitra Refinery Upgrade. This contract will allow NES to support the project from engineering through to start-up, once the EPC contracts are awarded.

Please contact our Saudi Arabia office to discuss opportunities here.

North Field Expansion, Qatar

Qatar plans to develop an export-oriented gas project in the North Field located 80km off the north-east coast of Qatar. As part of the North Field, the Al Shaheen Field lies on the largest and most complex gas field in the world. Its 100 million barrels per annum comprises 45% of oil production for the state of Qatar. New production from the field, which is the largest non-associated natural gas field in the world, will increase its LNG production capacity to more than 100 million mt/year by 2023, up from 77 million mt/year at the time of writing.

The field has a total of 33 platforms, 289 operational wells, and 26 exploration and appraisal wells

This would add approximately 1 million b/d of oil equivalent to Qatar's production.  As well as adding more gas, the new trains are expected to also produce as much as 200,000 b/d of condensates, most of which will be for export.

Qatar will also start extracting ethane from its gas to use as feedstock in a new 1.6 million mt/year petrochemicals plant, which should be ready by 2024.

NES Global Talent has been providing staffing solutions to operations in Qatar since 2005 and recruits for various job roles there. Contact our Doha office to find out more information.

Atrush Field, Iraqi Kurdistan

The 270km2 Atrush oil field is located near Dohuk in Iraqi Kurdistan, 85km northwest of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Kurdistan has an estimated 45 – 50 billion barrels of oil as well as 6 trillion cubic feet of gas. The Atrush block is estimated to have 1.5bn to 2.8bn barrels of oil.

Oil is said to be near production after a series of delays since 2013, with initial production expected to be around 300,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. Oil will be exported via the Kurdistan Export pipeline to Turkey’s Ceyhan port.

NES manage assignments at the Atrush field for temporary consultants from various countries including EU and non-EU nationalities. We provide multiple services including recruitment, onboarding & external consultant support and payroll.

For more information contact one of our Iraq offices.

Ruwais Refinery, United Arab Emirates

Due for completion in 2022, the USD$3.1bn upgrade at the Ruwais Refinery will enable 420,000 b/d processing capacity for Upper Zakum offshore crude oil and entails building both building new facilities and modifying existing units.

The entire Ruwais complex will be upgraded to dramatically increase its flexibility and integrated capabilities to produce greater volumes of higher value petrochemicals and derivatives.

As the project was originally designed to process Murban crude, the plan entails adding an Atmospheric Residue De-Sulphurisation (ARDS) unit to enable the refinery to process the Upper Zakum. The scope includes existing RRE and CBDC modification and works related to utilities (power, water, steam). It also includes a plan to build one of the world’s largest mixed feed crackers, trebling production capacity from 4.5 mtpa to 14.4 mtpa.

New Derivatives and Conversion Parks will also be developed, built on a six square kilometer area adjacent to the larger Ruwais complex, acting as a primary catalyst for the next stage of petrochemical transformation.

NES currently has a team of 13 personnel based on the Ruwais Refinery site who are getting the site ready for construction, and we will continue to support the project during later phases.

For more information on the Upper Zakum Project, please contact our Abu Dhabi office.

Basrah Gas Project, Iraq

The Basrah Gas Project is a plan to develop the gas obtained from three oil fields in Iraq: West Qurna, Rumaila, and Zubair. These three fields produce a total of 1 billion cubic feet per day.

The aim of the Basrah Gas Project is to commercialise this by building infrastructure, facilities, and expanding capacity. It is estimated that if this gas is turned into electricity it would generate roughly 4.5 GW per day – enough to supply some three million homes with electricity or monetised for around $3.5 billion per year into Iraq’s economy.

NES Global Talent has supported this project since 2012 by providing personnel with the right skills for the operation. As this project is still in the construction phases, NES is providing technical expertise across project controls, contracts and procurement, construction, commissioning, operations and engineering discipline roles such as instrument, electrical and mechanical construction.

NES recently gained exposure during a site visit and the team were overwhelmed by the sheer size of the project, which will ensure project activity will be ongoing for many more years to come. 

The project is currently undergoing increased activity throughout 2018-19 with an expansion to the current export facilities and increased construction in gas processing. 

Contact one of our Iraq offices to find out more.

Ras Al-Khair Maritime Yard, Saudi Arabia

A multi-billion dollar maritime and offshore yard is being built in Ras Al-Khair on Saudi Arabia’s east coast.

When fully operational in 2022, the integrated maritime yard for construction and repair of vessels and offshore drilling platforms will be one of the largest full-service maritime facilities in the world. It will have the capacity to build more than 11 fixed offshore platforms and four drilling rigs per year.

The nearly 12 million square-meter facility will be the largest in the region in terms of production capacity and scale.

The yard is expected to be partially operational by 2019 with full functionality reached by 2022.

NES Global Talent has been providing staffing solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2010, currently assisting more than 800 contract workers with their in-Kingdom assignments, and will be supporting the staffing requirements for the Ras Al-Khair Maritime Yard.

For more information on the project, please contact our Saudi Arabia office.