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The COVID-19 outbreak has affected everyone in every industry. Life Science companies across the globe are not exempt from this and have been dealt a foul, but far from fatal blow.

But how can companies best respond to this global crisis? 

The demand for medicine has never been greater

A major driving force of the Life Sciences industry is to strive to be better – better healthcare, better pharmaceuticals, better medical devices, better vaccines and ultimately, a better quality of life for the global population.

The basic economic trends of supply and demand run their cycle and adapt to circumstances, with rapid peaks and swift declines in tow. Our scientific advancements in the Healthcare sector in the past 30 years have broadened our understanding of the powerful and critical nature of drug development. Pharmaceuticals and medicines are of paramount importance to sustaining the wellbeing of the global population at its time in need and of course after this has passed.

The pandemic has undoubtedly provided a platform for those with the right technical skillsets to thrive, with 16 different key pharma and biotech companies worldwide now reconcentrating their development efforts towards a vaccine, and likely more to follow.

Scientific minds will defeat this crisis

It would be naïve to say that the Life Science sector is in a protective bubble from this global emergency. It isn’t. Many businesses are struggling to operate normally: clinical trials are grinding to a halt as doctors remits are repurposed to treat COVID-19 patients. Alliance programmes scheduled to be announced have be delayed. Lockdown has resulted in a high proportion of companies temporarily shutting down their preclinical R&D labs.

But one key thing we have experienced whilst supporting our Biotech and Pharma clients through these tough times, is the adaptability and durability of the fantastic scientific minds that to continue to enable global healthcare progression.

Science pushes boundaries, overcomes challenges and overall, doesn’t give up no matter how adverse the circumstances.

Dedicated scientists are reanalysing recent data, refocusing their strategies, prioritising their portfolios and outsourcing lab work to trusted partners to overcome these turbulent market conditions; we are proud that our clients continue to strive to deliver medicine, and that our footprint enables us to continue offering support for their staffing needs during this exceptionally difficult time.

We can work together to deliver individuals that will help defeat this virus

NES Global Talent understand that conditions are tough, and that lower staff levels from self-isolation may be making this even tougher for you.

We’re perfectly placed in the Scientific market to partner with companies who need additional support at this time, offering a range of tailored recruitment solutions to help ensure that your operations are running smoothly and seamlessly through this challenging period, with flexibility for when we overcome COVID-19.

Through our niche talent networks we’re able to supply scientific candidates that will sustain your business operation. Please get in touch to see how we can support you. 

NES Global Talent is proud to announce the strategic alignment between ourselves and the Fircroft Group to create NES Fircroft, one of the leading human capital solutions businesses for engineering and technical talent globally.