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Amongst the inevitably negative effects of the pandemic upon many business operations, there have been some positive developments which bolster portions of the Pharmaceuticals industry in particular, as it pools together to tackle the virus. 

CAPEX Projects

Although there are many challenges for the industry at this time, commitment to CAPEX projects is ongoing and robust, especially those projects that are business critical. Many project teams are working from home as a short term solution to ensure that projects will be completed on time and within budget.

Where commitment to CAPEX projects has been withdrawn, it typically reflects a shorter term financial strategy rather than an innovative or growth led organisational purpose.

Project Managers in this space that can continue working from home are using this time to source equipment, administer technical drawings and plans, and to set project timescales for when circumstances surpass the pandemic.

Manufacturing across Pharmaceuticals

One area that is thriving amongst the pandemic conditions is that of manufacturing across Pharmaceuticals. This sector is extremely busy: on top of the usual portfolio of drugs that these specialist companies manufacture, they are now diversifying their focus into helping with the COVID-19 crisis.

For example, some companies have agreed to be the CDMO for the COVID-19 vaccine, through manufacturing the tests, the antibodies for the testing kit, or even manufacturing PPE items, including hand sanitizer.

We can work together to help fight this virus

NES Global Talent understand that manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies are experiencing intense pressure to help move the global population through this crisis. We know conditions are tough, and that many of your key personnel are likely to be self-isolating – you may be running your production on skeleton staff whilst still being expected to manufacture at the same speed and volume. The resultant extra pressure on OPEX teams, particularly maintenance and reliability professionals, means there has never been a time more important to ensure that production is running efficiently, and at maximum capacity.

We’re perfectly placed in the Life Sciences market to partner with manufacturing companies who need additional support at this time, offering a range of tailored recruitment solutions. Our contingent labour solutions will help you ensure that your operations are running smoothly and seamlessly through this challenging period, with flexibility for when we overcome COVID-19.

Through our talent networks we’re able to supply full OPEX teams with previous Pharmaceutical experience, meaning our candidates can hit the ground running to ensure that your business continues as usual. Please get in touch to see how we can support you.