Celebrating My First Year With NES Fircroft


The past year has brought unprecedented circumstances to us all as businesses aoss the globe...

NES Fircroft

By NES Fircroft

The past year has brought unprecedented circumstances to us all as businesses aoss the globe respond to the effects derived from the Coronavirus pandemic. On a global scale, it has undoubtedly been one of the most testing and challenging times in modern history.

Here we reflect on some of the personal NES stories from the last year and we are proud to highlight the achievements of several of our recruiters based in Europe who joined the team just as the global crisis hit. They discuss their experience of starting in a new role at such a time, their personal highlights and predictions for the year ahead.

David J Clifton [DJC] – Medical Devices Recruitment Consultant, Manchester, UK
David Cabrera [DC] – Managing Consultant, Life Sciences, Mannheim, Germany
Kadir Ates [KA] – Recruitment Consultant, Offshore Wind, Mannheim, Germany
Alexander Ormrod [AO] – Senior Recruitment Consultant, Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Manchester, UK
Joe McGrath [JM] – Principal Consultant, Life Sciences, Zürich, Switzerland

What have you most enjoyed about working at NES Fircroft over the past 12 months?

DJC – I’ve really enjoyed working with my team and having the ability to grow a completely new desk. There has been a significant support system in place to really help me focus on recruiting.

DC – The international teamwork and the opportunity to work with NES Fircroft offices around the world has been great. Since joining NES Fircroft I’ve worked on jobs that required assignments in China, South America and France which has been exceptionally challenging due to the broad spread and associated legislation / practical implications - my peers have been very helpful and there’s a lot of co-operation by passing leads to the right people and collaborating on opportunities in order to win new clients.

KA – Being able to progress the offshore renewable industry in Germany has been really rewarding, I’ve really enjoyed taking on the responsibility to try and kick-start the process and we’ve already seen some great results from this.

AO – Through the infrastructure of NES Fircroft I’ve been able to take the recruitment knowledge and niche specialism that I’ve developed over previous years and apply them to a much larger scale, making placements globally across Europe and the Middle East and significantly expanding my client portfolio.

What has been your biggest achievement?

DC – As a Life Science team we managed to place a number of contractors in key positions to actively support our client in setting up the infrastructure for Covid-19 vaccine production. That was a big win not just professionally, but also on a personal level, knowing how the outcome would positively impact so many lives.

JM – Through perseverance I’ve managed to open client relationships that have previously been deemed as notoriously difficult. This has been achieved through close collaboration with the team and a comprehensive focus on client development from a strategic level across our European business rather than having sole KPI driven targets, which I’ve experienced in other businesses.

AO – Being able to keep a consistent level of new business relationships and placements, all through and during the heart of the pandemic. Generally speaking the recruitment industry has suffered considerably over the last year but the global set-up of NES Fircroft coupled with the industries we operate within and the adaptability of clients’ operations has enabled continuity – it has been difficult, but my expertise and personal network coupled with that of NES Fircroft’s has allowed us to keep delivering.

What advice would you give to professionals looking to join NES Fircroft for a recruitment role?

AO – Get your running shoes on – this is a fast-paced environment full of exciting opportunities.

DJC – Fully commit yourself to doing your best and you will be recognised and rewarded.

DC – If you are looking for a dynamic and international environment and involvement in global recruitment activities then NES Fircroft is the right company for you.

KA – You must be open to working in an international context and with people from very different backgrounds.

JM – Bring a hard-working mentality and - specifically for more senior hires - bring the skills that have made you successful and you will be able to enjoy the best parts of recruitment in a supportive and fulfilling environment.

What are you most looking forward to over the next 12 months?

DC – We’ll be expanding the Life Science team even further, starting with hiring our first Medtech Consultant to be based in Germany, and a further 2 permanent Consultants in the Pharma/Biotech space later this year. I’m excited to continuously grow our business both in terms of expanding our client base and by increasing our internal team numbers.

AO – I aspire to take my career forward to Managing Consultant, allowing me to then take responsibility for growing the Engineering team in Manchester, while continuing to expand on some of our exciting client relationships across the globe.

DJC – Through meeting my targets I hope to achieve a promotion and take my offering to the market to the next level. I’m passionate about forging new relationships and strengthening current ones.

JM – I am looking forward to remaining on the continued growth trajectory – the Life Science division of NES Fircroft is no longer a business in its infancy but instead is really making huge strides in developing companies who are really making a difference in global healthcare, and I’m proud to be part of that.

NES Fircroft and internal employment opportunities

It’s an exciting time to be part of the NES Fircroft team. The diverse and pro-active nature of our business means that we are continuously looking for individuals with passion, drive and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced sales environment.

If you’re looking for an opportunity within recruitment, check out our latest vacancies here, or follow our LinkedIn page for updates.