What is the Key to Success in Data Centre Staffing? An Interview with Fraser Canobie, NES Fircroft

By Fraser Canobie

The Data centre industry's continuous growth and innovation hinge on the ability to attract, develop, and retain top talent. 

From data centre engineers to IT technicians, the demand for skilled professionals is ever-increasing, making recruitment and retention integral to the industry's success.

In this episode of Staffing Strategies Simplified, we speak to Fraser Canobie, Principal Consultant for NES Fircroft, about his experiences recruiting talent for the data centre industry.  

We discuss the unique hurdles organisations face in attracting and retaining skilled professionals, the impact of technological advancements on workforce requirements, and the evolving best practices in talent acquisition and management.  Fraser shares his insights, industry experiences, and predictions over the next five years. 

You can watch this podcast on YouTube here, or listen on Spotify here.