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​Joining a new team is always difficult, but never more so than when joining in the middle o...

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Joining a new team is always difficult, but never more so than when joining in the middle of a pandemic. In this article, we are pleased to highlight the achievements of two of our staff members who joined our team in the midst of the global crisis, and despite working remotely and facing the economic impact upon recruitment, have achieved significant results to become a firm part of the NES Fircroft landscape.

We catch up following their first 12 months to find out more about their NES Fircroft experience;

Alina Sileo [AS] – Operations Manager, France

Daria Cąpała [DC] – Team Leader, Life Sciences, Poland

What have you most enjoyed about working at NES Fircroft over the past 12 months?

AS – There are so many things that it’s difficult to choose. I fully appreciate the management style – firm, but human. I’m also impressed by the professionalism of the teams within NES Fircroft. Particularly as an Operational Manager, having the backing of assignment support, payroll and finance teams is great and really allows me to concentrate on growing the business, knowing there’s full support to the candidates we are placing, which in turn also makes life a lot easier for the clients I work with. This exceptional contractor care is a huge sell for the company and really enables us to position ourselves as market-leaders in the field.
DC - I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to interact with international teams – there’s been a very supportive approach from all other branches. Management have a very positive approach and it’s evident that there is high managerial intelligence, which motivates me and gives me confidence in our strategy. I’ve been able to develop a completely new market – Life Sciences – with the trust and support of my line managers. I also appreciate the fact that people in our Polish branch are very helpful and happy to share their knowledge between each other.
AS – It also goes without saying that I’ve enjoyed working with the Paris team, they are an absolute pleasure to work with and we’ve made some truly significant industry connections through working together to leverage our wider networks and skillsets.
DC – The working environment has been highly accommodating of my personal situation and limitations. I also believe that the NES Fircroft Life Science division makes a genuine, positive difference to society by placing professionals that truly help to enhance the global healthcare landscape.

What has been your biggest achievement?

AS – Being able to grow various recruitment teams as part of the company’s diversification strategy has been challenging but incredibly rewarding. We are making significant progress in elevating our brand across the Renewables and Downstream markets in particular, which is really exciting to see as the Energy industry as a whole continues to evolve and transitions its infrastructure to become more environmentally sustainable. I’m really happy to be part of that.
DC - I joined NES at possibly one of the most challenging times one could – just as Covid was really starting to take a toll on the global marketplace. Starting our Life Science desk was a huge challenge, however I’m proud to report that the desk is growing and we’ve signed contracts with several clients, have made many placements, and obtained positive testimonials from both clients and candidates despite everything. We’ve even managed to get on the PSL for a very large global brand, with their manufacturing facilities based in Poland. Being thrown in at the deep end, I gained in-depth knowledge about the local engineering and investment landscape in particular and have been able to establish mature competition in the Polish market and really get our brand name out there.

What advice would you give to professionals looking to join NES Fircroft for a recruitment role?

DC – Be confident and reach out for all opportunities on the market – you never know what you will gain from it. Likewise, be patient and persistent – this can pay dividends if you forge a positive relationship with a client for when they eventually need your recruitment support further down the line.
AS – NES Fircroft has exceptionally high standards and a rock-solid compliance process, so you must be prepared to work hard and never cut corners to uphold this standard at all times. You need to be self-motivated to thrive here - the company offers autonomy and if you work hard and prove yourself, there are great opportunities for evolution – you can really elevate your career. It’s a fantastic company to work for.
DC - I’d also stress that it’s not just about winning clients, it’s important to concentrate on building your candidate database too. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either - there are plenty of people at NES Fircroft willing to support you in your challenges.

What are you most looking forward to over the next 12 months?

DC – I’m going to build on our existing Life Science desk to add more team members – this will gain stability - and we will also further our expertise in other markets, including clinical research and medical devices, building more experience as we go. My personal focus will be developing my expertise in the realm of engineering and quality, not only in permanent hiring, but also in regards to contract opportunities.
AS – I want to continue on an upwards trajectory of successfully penetrating the Downstream Chemicals market in particular, along with continuing our successes in Renewables. We’re well on the way to affirming our position as one of the top 3 staffing suppliers for the key operators and EPCs in France, holding contracts with the biggest energy firms in the nation. It’s not just the larger companies that we support however, and especially in recognition of the diversifying economy we’re on the look-out to support many smaller clients and start-ups to further our part in supporting Europe’s net zero strategy.

Internal sales opportunities at NES Fircroft

If you’re a sales professional, it’s a really exciting time to be part of the NES Fircroft team. Our pro-active and diverse business means that we are always looking to hire people with a pragmatic and driven attitude, with the ability to build and sustain positive client and candidate relationships.

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